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Raise the bar and cement your knowledge with these American Sign Language (ASL) Word Search Puzzle Books Series.

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Unsure About Fingerspelling Handshapes?

You are not alone. Have you ever tried to download some of the free material that you find online, only to wonder why the ASL alphabets do not seem identical? Unfortunately, some hand signs are hard to grasp (and extremely hard to illustrate). These are two of the reasons why handshapes for signs are often drawn from the side rather than from the front. Unfortunately, changes of perspective within an alphabet chart are rarely pointed out, leading to confusion and misunderstandings. This is not the case in our ASL books! All the signs in our word search books are as seen by the viewer. No confusion. No misunderstandings. No accidentally learning a sign the wrong way around. The hand illustrations in our word search puzzle books are based on Lassal’s ASL alphabet reference guide, which was proofed and approved by some of the most renowned American sign language experts. While the ASL alphabet reference guide shows large illustrations from two perspectives, we are proud to say that Lassal crafted a set of additional small hand drawings, which are suitable for word search books, exclusively for our joint series and projects.

Regular Series for Adults

• varied topics
• complex puzzles
• classroom licenses available


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Raise the bar and cement your knowledge with these American Sign Language (ASL) Word Search Puzzle Books Series. For beginners and advanced users. For fun and for training. For the Deaf and for the Hearing. These books include alphabet charts, how-tos, best practices, solutions – all the information that you will need.

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Word Search Series for Cool Kids

• school vocabulary: adjectives, verbs, adverbs (3rd-5th grade)
• less complex puzzles with keys
• classroom licenses available


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What Others Are Saying

That is brilliant! Thank you for your hard work! … The Kindle ebook looks cool!
Caroline Mc Grotty

Chairperson, Irish Deaf Youth Association

I love the word search books. I’m an ASL teacher in high school. It’s great practice for learning the letters. The kids love them and it’s the perfect “assignment” to leave for substitutes. Something they can do on their own. I think the categories even work on the older kids.
Kim H.

High School ASL Teacher

Ich bin begeistert von Ihrem neuen Projekt mit den Kinderalphabeten …
Laura Verweyen

Kulturabteilung, Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, Germany

Wow, I’m very impressed with your work – beautiful presentation! Love the graphics.
Dr. Rachel McKee

Programme Director, Deaf Studies, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

I finished the Vol.01 book last week and am halfway through the Adjective book. I think they are great. After the first puzzle I was used to the view of the signs and it became just like doing a regular puzzle.
Richard H

Good work what you do, keep it up.
Cieilidh O'Sullivan

for Boanerges Deaf Initiative Uganda

Einfach genial! Einfach fingerfertig! … (Please make a German version)
Andreas Costrau

CEO,, Germany

You are really doing a great job and I know that many … people all over the world will appreciate [it].
Ms. Phillipa Sandholm

Administrative Secretary, World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)

… Themed books would be REALLY COOL!! That was 1 thing that I enjoyed with the kids books – because you had “adverbs”, & “adjectives”, etc … it was cool – to test my “English” knowledge with them … … Whatever you decide – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! These are definitely enjoyable!
Janna K.


I received both books this last Friday, and they are awesome! You have done an amazing job with these. They are clear, easy to read, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into these! Thanks so much!
Kathy S.

About the Author



Lassal is a contemporary German concept artist and author of several non-fiction, short fiction, and illustrated books. Her project – a site that provides revised high quality manual alphabets for free download – garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for the German Award for Civic Engagement. More information about More information about American Sign Language word search books for kids:

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